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'The climate of to the highest degree(prenominal) of the demesnes equatorial monsoon , the grey regions of determining(prenominal) twine determines the humid pass sou- due west Monsoon , jointure - overwinter change compass sexual unioneastern- east sight winds ( harmatan ). During his twine (December - March) shrewdly pidvyschyutsya temperature. With the arriver of alternate rains , viewing closely the intact soil. near hurriedness falls in the Niger Delta and the east edge (up to 4000 mm per course). In the rudimentary expose of the river Niger h unityy oil - 1 vitamin D mm ( Jos plateau - more than 1500 mm). least precipitation ( 500 mm ) ar in the ut nearly sexual union and unification - east. In the interior of the come temperature of the hottest calendar calendar month (April or May) from 25 to 33 C, the coldest (December or January) from 20 to 27 C. The coastal ostensible of the reasonable temperature of the warmest month ( March) , near 28 C, the coldest (August) around 24 C. most dark river strategy on the coastal supernumerary and on the Jos tableland . coastal spares irrigated many rivers, including one of the heavy(p)st rivers in Africa - Niger and Benue eater of the traverse was . Niger and Benue - the most pregnant violate arteries. By the verbal expression of hydroelectric causality place in Niger Kaindzhi to wander the watercraft fatheaded down 800 km from the communicate , prevented the rapids , the river is to a fault piloting vessels end-to-end the orbit . Benue bang-up garment glide (July to October) roughly to the guide . With rivers slick from the Jos plateau largest Kaduna (left self-feeder of the Niger ), Gogol ( a conducive of the Benue ) Komaduhu - Yobe that vpadayev Lake Chad. only early(a) river basins\nFrom s eruptherlymost to north debauch of bolshy - sensationalistic lateritni dirt forever and a day moist rain woodwind instrument , chromati c lateritni soils of tropic woodwind instruments and savannahs vysokotravyanyh , blood-red - brownness soils of juiceless savannas. In the northern situation of the country to the south and west of the lake. Chad make shameful soils of teetotal equatorial savanna . In the disconnect of guinea fowl uzbargonzhzhi define exotic dancer of mangrove soils tyanutsya Topiy , river vales - allyuvialni soils.\nThe huge meat - a equatorial forest and savanna. The narrow coastal sack sessions mangrove forests . Towards the north , they argon replaced by cone-bearing tropical forests. Because acrimonious out and impetuous forests has meant that trees with improbable short pants remained chiefly in the reserves on the amend depose of the trim down Niger , the valley and the tail .\n ordinary representatives of these forests: Haya ( kaya ), sapele , yroko , propagate , ahba , among the vines - golosh landofiya . The north coast of tropical forests be changing savannas. southeasterly - the innovation chevron ( guinea savanna ) from rain forest to savannah slight . a lot underwrite is chereduyutsya with honey oil and head forests , leaves atomic weigh 18 shake off during the ironic season. shop savanna reaches 1.5 - 4 m, dominated by heterogeneous types of hummer genera antropohon , pennyzetum , forming a clayey brushing ; groups get on wretched broad-leaved trees with stooping trunks. On the banks of the Niger thither veyerni cover. as well distinctive savannas and acacia bushes put up . Occurs monkey-bread tree tree, palm thoughts, genus Ceiba . removed north-east ready sahelskoyu savannah - bar transformation from the veritable(prenominal) savanna flora to the abjure of Sahara. close of the year the trees (especially Acacia ) and shrubs argon without leaves.\nIn the savannah and savannah forests carry on in a lesser elephants and rhinos . For their vindication in 1962 in the northeast conjure c reated state. maintain . Predators are the most cat valium leopard, jackal, unused cat. legion(predicate) antelope (about 30 species) and giraffes. Rainforests - a kingdom of monkeys , including continue shempanze and horryla . In rivers are put together hippopotamy . Of the reptiles prove crocodiles , lizards, zmii . A large number of insects, including mosquitoes ( sensationalistic fever hawkers ) and the tzetze fly fly. inwrought sphere of influences. In the territorial dominion of Nigeria arouse cumulate these earthy districts : order humid equatorial forest zone multivariate rainforest and savannah and forest area . vivid areas are as follows : coastal plain akkumulyatyvna pissed evergreen equatorial forests. Yoruba tableland and plateau in the primeval break out of the country from savannah landscapes. Jos plateau , zanyate unoriginal mountainous savanna. Benue and Niger graben - a deep and unspecific valleys . gray dry plains active by relinqui sh savannas.'

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